How to Use Our Low-Cost
Services for Pet Cats

  • Qualification through the Spay & Save program. The Spay & Save program offers $20 spay/neuter surgeries for cats owned by residents on public-assistance in the greater Portland metropolitan area and surgeries for $30 for males and $35 for females for other low-income residents. Read about Spay & Save qualification then call us directly at 503-797-2606 or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

- OR -

  • Use the Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund coupon. FCCO is a participating clinic on the OS/NF coupon. Use this coupon and you can have pet cats spayed for $50 or neutered for $35! Get the Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund coupon and call us at 503-797-2606 or fill out the online form to get started and let us know you have a coupon when we call to schedule an appointment.



  • Spay or neuter surgery, including a pre-anesthetic exam, anesthesia and tattoo (near incision to indicate cat has been spayed).

  • For an additional cost, vaccinations and other treatments may be provided if requested when scheduling. Additional services are only provided with a spay/neuter surgery. Click here for prices.