Our Spay/Neuter Programs

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FERAL & STRAY CATS: Trap-Neuter-Return
These services are targeted for feral cats who have people, known as caregivers, feeding them. The caregivers trap the cats, bring them to a clinic, and return the cats to where they are being fed. These services are provided for a suggested donation of $30 per cat.

Feral and stray cat services include the spay/neuter surgery, FVRCP (distemper) and rabies vaccines; treatment for fleas, ear mites, and other minor medical conditions; and has his or her right ear tipped for future identification. Cats that appear to be suffering, as determined by a veterinarian, are tested for feline leukemia (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV); all positives will be euthanized. Click here for feral or stray cat info.


Spay/neuter services
FCCO offers low-cost services, including for people qualified through the Spay & Save program and those presenting the Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund coupon.  
Pet cat spay/neuter services include: Spay or neuter surgery, pre-anesthetic exam, anesthesia, and tattoo (near incision to indicate cat has been spayed).

List of prices.

Additional services
For an additional cost, vaccinations and other treatments may be provided if requested when scheduling. Additional services are only provided with a spay/neuter surgeryClick here for more pet cat info