Meet Bo - FCCO’s 100,000th Cat Helped!

On Friday, July 19, 2019, we celebrated FCCO's 100,000th cat helped! This significant accomplishment is something for everyone to celebrate as the impact in our communities is so great.

Our landmark kitty is named Bo and is cared for by Jason in Woodburn, OR. Jason and his family moved into a new home a couple years ago, and last year noticed a cat was living under the house. The cat ended up having three kittens, but only the mama and one kitten ended up staying in the area. The mama cat ended up having a second litter this spring and Jason knew it was time to get the cats spayed/neutered before there were more. Bo, his mom and all of his littermates were spayed/neutered and vaccinated at FCCO.


Bo, at FCCO’s clinic and returned to his home the next day.
Purrs of thanks to Kathi Lamm of
Lamm Photography
for the beautiful images of Boo outside.

Donors and volunteers came to join us in celebrating our special kitty.

And we drew the winning names for our Countdown to 100,000 Cats prizes. Congratulation Kim and Samantha!

We began our countdown with our 97,000th cat in February.

99.5k cat.jpg

Meet FCCO’s 99,500th Cat!

Kirsten calls this gorgeous gal "The Matriarch" as she is the one who started it all. Kirsten had purchased a farm in Molalla, OR and didn't realize there were 7 cats on the property! Last year, she worked hard to get them all spayed/neutered but The Matriarch eluded the traps every time Kirsten set them out. Finally, Kirsten was able to get her trapped and in to FCCO to be spayed. Now Kirsten just has a few more of her kittens to bring in and then the entire colony will be spayed/neutered. Purrs of thanks to Kirsten for caring for feral cats!


Meet FCCO’s 99,000th Cat!

Half Pint is one kitten of a litter of four that was born on Mary's property in Welches, Oregon. The story begins with a litter of kittens that Mary saw in November of last year...she named them One, Two and Three. She realized after getting One, Two and Three spayed/neutered that she had missed a cat! This cat became known as Four. Four was elusive and Mary just couldn't trap her. Eventually, Four gave birth to Half Pint and his three siblings. Mary finally trapped Four and was able to get her spayed last week, and now Half Pint and his siblings are all spayed/neutered, too! Purrs of thanks to Mary for caring for feral cats!

98.5k cat.jpg

Meet FCCO’s 98,500th Cat!

Michael noticed a mama cat on his property in SW Portland last year. When she disappeared he didn't think much of it, but she returned a few months later with 3 little kittens! Once the kittens had weaned, Michael never saw mama kitty again. The kittens became known as "The Three Amigos" since they always hang out together. Our Cat of the Day, Sweetie, is quite fond of her siblings...she loves to nuzzle and cuddle them. Despite her sweet demeanor, she has been the hardest to catch. It took a few weeks but Sweetie is now spayed and vaccinated. The Three Amigos can now play and roam without contributing to the breeding cycle. Purrs of thanks to Michael for caring for feral cats!

98k cat.jpg

Meet FCCO’s 98,000th Cat!

Mike took over feeding a group of cats in Vancouver, WA for his elderly neighbor. He didn't realize that the cats weren't spayed/neutered, and soon figured out that even though he was feeding them there was more he could do to help them out and keep the population from exploding! Through word of mouth, Mike learned of FCCO's services and was glad there was a program for these kitties. Today, FCCO spayed/neutered Kate Moss and her 5 furry pals. Purrs of thanks to Mike for caring for feral cats!

97.5k cat.jpg

Meet FCCO’s 97,500th Cat!

Melissa and her husband Dylan decided to help out someone whose cat had had a litter of kittens. They knew their 20 acres of property in Beavercreek, OR could certainly use a few barn cats to help keep the rodent population down. Melissa and Dylan took 3 cats home but one of the cats ended up having a kitten! FCCO neutered the 2 other cats last month (one was even Cat of the Day!), but the kitten and mama still needed to be taken care of. Today, FCCO spayed and vaccinated Zara and her sweet little kitten. Now all 4 cats can continue hunting mice and living in the shop on Melissa and Dylan's property. Purrs of thanks to Dylan and Melissa for caring for feral cats!


Meet FCCO’s 97,000th Cat!

Brandon and Tricia decided to get a couple of barn cats to help with rodent control on their property in Ariel, WA. They brought home a couple of male cats and thought nothing of it. When Tricia came across a female kitty that was going to be homeless, she couldn't say no to bringing her home. One thing led to another and they soon had a colony on their hands! This big guy is thought to be the father of quite a few of the kitties.

Including our Cat of the Day, FCCO spayed/neutered nine cats from their colony. Purrs of thanks to Brandon and Tricia for caring for feral cats!

Did you know? After each clinic we share a "Cat of the Day" story on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter like the stories above. Be sure to follow us to see more photos and to read about feral and stray cats whose lives have been improved because someone cared. Thank you, also, to all who take a moment to leave thoughtful words about their experiences at our clinic. Your kindness is much appreciated.